What's going on...

Most recently, it's been leaked that the unnamed ClayFighter game released for this year has been cut due to the president of Interplay (Herve) not willing to even participate in the project!

From the looks of things, ClayFighter isn't doing very well, and it looks like the series may forever be dead...

or is it?

You see ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to take legal action to purchase the franchise and continue the project so that not only would we have a series, but also something to remember ClayFighter by!

Frequently asked questions.

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1.Why do this?

Thing is, I am a MAJOR ClayFighter fan, and I really don't want it to die off, and I believe if it's done right, it will live on.

2. What do you have planed?

I have it planed to get legal action to purchase the series along with Earthworm Jim. If this suceeds, this means two things. One, your gonna get your game that was promised; and second, I have the freedom to sell it, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to have it on Steam or PC or something like that.

3. Which ClayFighters will be returning?

Don't get me wrong, I do love sharing info, but I'm afraid I cannot show off the whole roster. Although, I can safely say (and not spoil) that Bad Mr. Frosty along with Blob will be two returning fighters. The rest of the cast will be a mix of returning fighters alongside new and original fighters never before seen. I will release new information as the series goes on.

4. What will you be changing up in ClayFighter?

Thanks to advances in technology since 1997, I'm safe to say that ClayFighter will have  VERY smooth controls. In terms of gameplay, expect the game to be very Killer Instinct like with the return of Claytalities as well as other brand new features!

5. Good luck with that!

Thank you very much! That really means a lot.

Clayfighter Theme Song02:45

Clayfighter Theme Song


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