ClayFighter (Original and Tournament)
1 SS Ickybod Clay
2 A The Blob
3 A Taffy
4 A Tiny
5 A Bad Mr. Frosty
6 A Bonker
7 B Helga
8 C Blue Sue Goo

ClayFighter (SC Version)
1 S High-Five*
2 A Earthworm Jim
3 A Ickybod Clay
4 A Blob
5 A Taffy
6 A Bad Mr. Frosty
7 B Kung Pow
8 B T. Hoppy
9 B Lockjaw Pooch*
10 B Houngan
11 C Boogerman
12 C Dr. Kiln
13 C  Sumo Santa
14 C Bonker
15 C Zappa Yow Yow Boyz*
16 F Lady Liberty*
  • -*Cut characters from 63 1/3

(CF 2 Judgement Clay will be done later)

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