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  • Windindi

    Most recently, it's been leaked that the unnamed ClayFighter game released for this year has been cut due to the president of Interplay (Herve) not willing to even participate in the project!

    From the looks of things, ClayFighter isn't doing very well, and it looks like the series may forever be dead...

    or is it?

    You see ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to take legal action to purchase the franchise and continue the project so that not only would we have a series, but also something to remember ClayFighter by!

    *If the text is like this, this means that it is a question.

    *If text is like this, then I am answering a question.

    1.Why do this?

    Thing is, I am a MA…

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  • Windindi
    ClayFighter (Original and Tournament)
    1 SS Ickybod Clay
    2 A The Blob
    3 A Taffy
    4 A Tiny
    5 A Bad Mr. Frosty
    6 A Bonker
    7 B Helga
    8 C Blue Sue Goo

    ClayFighter (SC Version)
    1 S High-Five*
    2 A Earthworm Jim
    3 A Ickybod Clay
    4 A Blob
    5 A Taffy
    6 A Bad Mr. Frosty
    7 B Kung Pow
    8 B T. Hoppy
    9 B Lockjaw Pooch*
    10 B Houngan
    11 C Boogerman
    12 C Dr. Kiln
    13 C  Sumo Santa
    14 C Bonker
    15 C Zappa Yow Yow Boyz*
    16 F Lady Liberty*
    • -*Cut characters from 63 1/3

    (CF 2 Judgement Clay will be done later)

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