Sorry for that it took so long, I had some schoolwork to do and I got distracted by the SOPA/PIPA Internet Piracy act I mean can you beleive it?

(Voiced by Jess Harnell): Back in the time of The King of the Circus tournament (Clayfighter 1), among the clayfighters that participated in the contest was a hulking creature who was ridiculously powerful but not to bright by the unfitting name of Tiny. Ruling over the wrestling ring and the colosseam, this guy wanted to prove that he had the know how to fight and so he entered the tournament and became infatuated with the viking diva Helga but she mainly saw him as a crude brute. After many battles against each other, Tiny won the title of the King of the circus Clayland but before he could celebrate, the demonic N.Boss arose from themeteorite that started it all and started making life hard for all of the clayfighters. As dangerous as he was, N.Boss ended up getting overpowered by the combined forces of all eight of the clay warriors and was soundly defeated and all they all went their seperate ways after the circus got destroyed (N.Boss's story). Tiny and Helga finally got hitched and with their eight children, they moved to the planet of Claydonia were he spent the rest of his days as a fitness guru advertising his various diets (though his brocoli and water diet wasn't very popular).

His story inspired one guy(who looks suspiciously a lot like him) who joined the CWJ (Claydonian Wrestling Jamboree) under the name Tiny and became the two time champion leaving many a poor shmuck to "Meet their sculptor!"(Not literally), but life in the wrestling was soon starting to lose its lustre for the lug. His funk was cured when he was approached by two imposing figures named Frosty and Hoppy, they were entering that contest for the title of Grandmaster, seems that one of their teammates suffered a knot injury and they needed someone to fill in for him. They Clayfighters were victorious and after feeling the rush of actual fighting, Tiny took part in many projects that focused on helping the Claydonian body like introducing the bicep-building buff burgers from Muddonalds. Tiny returned to the wrestling world and by utilizing the new techniques he picked up during his retirement and became the fighting terror the CWJ public knew and cheered on. While taking a break from his career, Tiny went to the opening of the new park Clayland only to end up getting caught up in the middle of the lockdown it was then that he saw the Kiln baddie Helga and becoming infatuated with her, decided to prove himself for her no matter what!

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