After this story, I will have all the characters from the original's stories done. I'm going to take a break for a bit but after that I will go on with the C2 stories.

(Voiced by Jess Harnell): During the time of the King of the circus tournament(Clayfighter 1), a great evil floated just above the earth's ground with a plan to make everything reachable to him to become ruled over with his demonic, beaded fist. His name was N.Boss, the self-appointed deity of Claydonia and it was said that each bead in his necklace body held the essence of many evil warriors and when all of his powers combined, he could level cities right before breakfest. Unfortunately for him(and not us) his googly right eye was the only imperfection which pervented him from becoming the powerful monster they say he was which was weakspot that annoyed N.Boss greatly. One day, N.Boss grew bored of life ruling over Claydonia and via meteor, he and some of his supplies of mutagenic clay went on traveling through the cosmos to find new planets to invade until after smashing into a satellite, and sink and a space sheep(?), the meteor pulled into the Earth's gravitational zone. When the clay that spreaded all across the circus he landed on turn everything into monsters, N.Boss attempted to attack and brainwash the clayfighters during their contest but with their skills combined, he was soundly defeated.

Though the battle ended with the circus reduced to rubble thanks to N.boss' destructive powers, the clayfighters with the magic of the meteorite ooze managed to seal him away in an interdimensional rip and for many years he would think of a plan to get his position as deity again. While plotting his revenge, N.Boss came upon what looked like a strange space pod and in it was an unhappy man and his pets who he later learned that his name was Gene-Eric Kilnklein (Dr. Kiln's story). After listening to his said story, N.Boss thought up a plan which heavily involved the broken doctor and after they returned to Claydonia, Kiln with N.Boss as his guide began to use his powers that he got from the the demonic necklace to become the Grand master of Mudville. As time went on, N.Boss watched as his project went on to from ruling Mudville with an mushy fist (Judgement Clay) to moving to Claymodo island to rebuild his organization (63 1/3/Sculptor's cut) until he lost his contact with the doc. When Kiln was presumed dead, that was when N.Boss decided that he had enough and went on to plan his reappearence in the new Clayland park with or without help.

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