(Voiced by Candi Milo): Once an ordinary (or about as ordinary as you can get in Claydonia) ape in the Bungle Jungle of Mudville, Lucy's life took a big change when she was capured by some poachers who then sold her off to the Cirque du Solclay. When the ringmaster saw how she dealt with those poachers with her almost ballerina-like fight style, he decided to incorporate her unique style into an act which gained her some popularity with audiences young and old. She soon managed to get comfortable with the life in the circus and made a good amount of friends including one of the circus freaks known as Taffy who became Lucy's sparing partner until he set left to live out on his own. One day just after a performence in the Oozeville district, Lucy saw her old pal Taffy on the news showing him and his new friends in a protest against the corruption of Mudville's government which inspired Lucy to go on her own adventure as well. After finally getting the ringmaster to let her have break from her circus career, Lucy went around the land of Mudville which again was having some rough times so in order to get by, had to use her "elegant" fight moves to let the thugs know she isn't into no monkey business.

Her inspiration of the acts of the Clayfighters was what convinced her to take part of the Judgement Clay contest (C2: Judgement Clay) but never got to stay long in the tournament which left her knowing that she still had more training to do. Driven by her desire to show the Clayfighters including Taffy and his friend Nanaman whom she has become obsessed to meet for some reason, Lucy started using her skills for various jobs including bouncer, bodyguard and others. She finally caught up to her old pal Taffy when he was returning to his circus life after his many adventures but was soon called back by his team's leader Frosty and thus Lucy continued on her own journey as well. She know was a hitman sent to the new the upcoming theme park Clayland to take out some destructive hooligans only to realisse that the "hooligans" were the Clayfighters and their enemies and the one who sent her was non other then Preident Sculptasaur! Lucy is now trapped and knowing what's been going on, this gorilla has decided to find her way out, give Sculptasaur a piece of her mind and just go all out ape you-know-what on anyone who tries to attack her (Live Free or Dry Hard).

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