(voiced by: Jeff Bennett)When the meteor "Big Bessie" crash landed in the circus Playland, the mutagenic goo from the meteorite started to spill and spread all over the place with some of it got on a rock themed attraction featuring stuff a certain rock legend. Named after the colour of the goo around him and a song he heard, Blue Suede Goo entered the King of the circus tournament mainly to find something to do shortly after realizing what's going on around him(Clayfighter 1). He developed an intense rivalry with Helga from the opera themed area but everyone had to put their differences aside when the sinister N.Boss confronted them all to a brutal battle which resulted in all the clayfighters defeating him and sealing him away. Everyone went their seperate ways to do their own thing like, BSG went on to introduce a new style of fighting and dancing with songs like "Pound Dog" and "Jailhouse Muck" until he suddenly disappeared for no reason but there have been a handful of reports of him seen in grocery stores across the nation.

Even though he disappeared without a trace, Blue Suede Goo's music and fighting style became so popular that it even managed to get to Claydonia where it soon gained a cult following with impersonaters of the impersonater lead by someone who claims to be the son of the original Blue Suede Goo(BSGJR.). He was present during the opening of the Clayland amusement park to learn more of the supposed father's roots when the lock down took place which was when BSGJR. saw this as the chance to fill in his "father's" footsteps and save the day. It is still a mystery whether or not this guy is the son of the original Blue Suede Goo.

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