I'm back! Time to start up part 3 of my series, this time with the characters from 63 1/3 and Sculptor's cut.

(Voiced by: Jess Harnell) For as long as he could remember, Kung Pow had based his life on perfecting two professions: kung fu and cooking, however he also had a bad habit of getting those said professions causing less then desirable results for people around. Born in the mountains of Mudville, Kung Pow has had many jobs other then cooking and karate which included: cruise-ship athletics instructor, nightclub bouncer, cooking show host, car salesman and computer repairman. At one point, he auditioned for a job as the personal bodyguard/chef of Sumo Santa but due to his habit... got fired for his incompetance. Initially upset over his disgrace, Kung Pow realized that his skills were slipping and needed a good way to use his habit for unintentionally blending the two skills to become a great asset. During his stay in Mudville, Kung Pow became one of the many people to speak out against the rule of Grandmaster Kiln and his board of directors (one of them who was Sumo Santa) and became a supporter of the freedom fighter group known as the Clayfighters.

Some time later after the Mudville events had passed, KP was planning to continue his search for the ultimate karate/cooking fighting style when he he got himself involved in one of the Clayfighters adventures when the plane he was in which also had the heroic bunch was shot down and crashed into the isle of Claymodo. After learning of no-good Dr. Kiln's plans, Kung pow decided to give the good guys a hand in stopping him and during that time encountered the likes of Bonker, Zappa Boyz and ran into Sumo Santa again (63 1/3/Sculptor's cut). Long story short, the good guys saved the day and Kung Pow became a great ally to the clayfighters and they all went their seperate ways with Kung Pow satisfied that he finally found a way to use his improved skills. Up until he got a letter from Frosty to regroup for a new mission in Mudville, Kung Pow continued to moonlight on many jobs and was thinking of opening up his own dojo that doubled as a resaurant. KP was more then happy to fight for the good guys again as not only he can poke, kick pound and slice butt but also show the other fighters one of the most deadliest of weapons... the wok!

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