And thus, I begin writing the story for my ClayFighter 4!

After the war of claymodo Island, Blob was just chilling around mudville, and even looking for other places on the planet as well. He didn't own a TV, so our gelatinous friend had to watch someone else's, even if he had to learn how to lip read amoung all the screaming of "Get out of our house!" and all that. This is also how he learned about the next meteor.

"This just in! A THIRD clay meteor is crashing into the earth! We're showing you footage from the King of the circus tournament so you could get a feel of what we're up against!"

It was more than a blast from the past for the blob. He saw himself use wit and cunning to defeat all the other combatants, until the finals where he ironically was defeated by the muscleheaded tiny. The Blob couldn't believe he could be this smart.

"Duhhh... Then I was so smart... but now... ahhh..."

Blob paused for an hour trying to figure out what he was trying to say.

"I'm so..."

Another hour.


Those were the glory days. When the meteor hit the planet, some of the excess ooze went flying around the earth.

"Maybe if I could... Dahhh, collect the ooze, I could add it to my body and be smart again!"

With a grin satisfied of his great plan on his face, Blob got out of the annoyed family's living room and into the new clay world. But will he find the ooze, or will his Naivete get the better of him?

Fight with Ickybod clay

(He's in a graveyard, and finds some ooze)

Blob: There's some ooze!

(He runs over to get it and Ickybod clay springs up)

Icky: Hello Blob. Come to fight me? You won't stand a ghost...

(Dramatically pauses)

Icky: Of a chance.

(Blob screams)

Icky: What's the matter? DO I frighten you?

Blob: NO! that pun was horrible!

Icky:I think it's the delivery that sells it.

(Blob looks confused)

Icky: It's the way I said it. It was so well performed that it was pretty good.

(Blob pauses)

Blob: DIE!!!!

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