It was the claywide wrestling federation, and the crowd was fired up. They had every reason to be, because a wrestler loved by the entire CWF was about to wrestle a match. The pyrotechnics went off, and the crowd went insane as a voice called out:

"Are there any airholes in the building?"

This question was answered by thundering shrieks and squeals by the crowd. Unfazed by the myriad of support from his numerous fans, he declares:

"Well, no matter how many airholes there are, I'm the HEAD airhole around here!"

He surveys his people, all of them howling with excitement (except for one who seems to have fainted). He feels he was a lot more beloved here than in the clayfighter circuit.

Back in the king of the circus tournament, Tiny dominated all the combatants and went home the victor. For winning, he got all he ever wanted: tons of money, a golden crown, and a spot in the next game. Being in the sequel, however, was the reward he was looking forward to the most. He expected new moves, a new look and a sidekick that would say wacky catchphrases to accompany his newfound fame. Unfortunately, he was shocked and saddened to discover the game programmers didn't even have the courtesy to give the champion new sprites. In the second match (Tiny's kind of slow) the musclebound hero quit in disgust and went back to his wife Helga. She works her job all day as a viking and he works as a wrestler the same amount of time leaving the task of taking care of their eight kids to a very unlucky babysitter.

Nowadays, he's been thinking a lot about his life and what he missed. The claymodo island war had passed him by, and he hadn't fought any of the new faces. "All I fight are dim muscle heads," The hypocrite said. "I should be fighting more of a variety of opponents along with making more fans." And so Tiny embarks on his journey, but will he make it all the way around the planet, or will he get as far as you can throw him?

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