"997...998..." T-Hoppy counted as he lifted a large Barbel with his Bionic arm. "999... 1000." Instead of cheering when he got to the one thousand mark, Hoppy simply sighed and sat down. Ever since he had become a bionic bunny, going to the weight room was kind of pointless. The strength of his hydralic limbs could lift a truck with ease. "I hate to admit it," the cyborg rabbit said to himself, "but I kind of liked it when I had limits." Back when he had limits, there was actual challenge. He wasn't ensured of 1000 back then. Now the only challenge he has is to not break the equipment. What he would do to punch Kilns face in. He could actually fight back, but now, nothing intresting ever happens. "Whenever I visit the gym nowadays, I never feel like I accomplish anything," T-Hoppy said with a yawn, "I miss... those good old days..."

Suddenly, Hoppy found himself in front of a sheet of paper, with a pen in his hand. The writing on the sheet said, "GRANDMASTER OF MUDVILLE TOURNAMENT! YOU WANT TO RULE THIS CITY? SIGN UP HERE!" below the large letters was a list of names: Bad Mr. Frosty, Octohead, Nanaman, Blob, Googoo, Kangoo and Tiny. "Are you going to join already," said the man behind the counter, "or are you just going to sit there?"

Hoppy looked at his arms. All natural. "Dude..."

He looked at his legs. Neither was metal. "Come on!"

Hoppy smiled wider than he had in a while. "MOVE IT ALREADY!"

Hoppy signed the sheet of paper and left the very rude man smashed into the ground. He ran off thinking, "This is great. Time for some nostalgia."

SNES Hoppy is a locked character that becomes playable once you beat story mode with T-Hoppy.

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