Suddenly, Octohead woke up after nearly two decades of a drug-induced coma. His skin was in terrible condition, a bright, expressive purple reduced to that of a shrivelled raisin. His teeth were dark yellow, in fact a few shades away from coal black. The bags under his eyes were heavy, and the eyes themselves bloodshot. His tentacles were drooping down, instead of perking up like they used to. As Octohead looked around the room, he notices everything was trashed and his CDs taken. Slowly but surely, Octohead turns to see that the TV was still on, claiming the year to be 2010. He turned to his left and few plastic bags, one with a few rocks of claycaine still in it. "Oh man," Octohead lamented as he slowly got off the floor. "Why did I get hooked on that junk?" After seeing his life flash before his eyes, Octohead did everything he could to try to get his life back on track. He managed to regain his bright hue, and Stopped taking claycain via cold turkey. He recovered a lot of his CDs thanks to the ipod and made friends, new and old. He also tatooed a leaf onto his back, to show that he was a changed octopus. He still held parties, but those who brought any claycaine would recieve 8 lashes with a wet tentacle.The year is now 2012, and Octohead is confident that he has his life back together. So much so, in fact, that he will throw the biggest party ever, with the most people, performers, and food anyone has ever seen in their lives. The eight legged creature felt something was missing. "I can't let anybody turn out the way I did," Octohead said to himself as he was planning this enormous party. "This party won't just be for entertainment; It'll be for charity as well!" Stronger and more confident than he's ever been, Octohead journeys around the world to look for entertainers, attendents, and chefs for the life changing party. "Check it out, children of the world!" Octohead says to himself. "Octohead is back again!"

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