Thrity seven degrees to the right... Not too windy today...

Those are the words of the assassin on the rooftops of oozeville. It was round one of the tournament, and the Blob was facing off against the Jamacain newcomer. If the blob was going to be there, the assassin thought to herself, then maybe his frozen buddy was going to be there as well. As luck would have it, the assailant was correct. Bad Mr Frosty was there to wish his pal good luck. The heartless murderer straightened her sniper rifle to the snowman's head. "Now you'll pay for what you've done in prison you cold hearted killer." The assassin would've yelled louder had she would have been detected. Not much was expected out of our Jamacain friend, but some way, somehow, he saw that sniper perched on the slime covered building. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" He screamed as he leap-frogged over the Blob and tackled Frosty to the ground. The bullet missed them by inches, as Nanaman pointed out the shooter to the crowd. Frosty then began smashing Nanaman's face in since, hey, he's Frosty, he has anger issues. "oh, beans," the assassin said to herself, but before she could leave the building, the Blob rushed at the building and turned himself into an anvil. The structure took such a large hit, it knocked the sniper clean off of the building. When she hit the ground, she was greeted by several angry mudvillians who gathered round and began to punch, kick, or tackle the hapless gunman.

"That little incident got me kicked out of your fun little tournament, Nana baby," Lucy said to herself, "Well, my fruity friend, your going to get what's coming to you." She turned her back on the dummy of Nanaman, then spun around wielding an M-16. She began blasting the dummy to bits, laughing like a child. "AND YOU FROSTY" Lucy barked at the dummy of Frosty, "You still have to pay for what you owe!" Then, with a sadistic laugh, the gorilla then hit the dummy with a molotof cocktail, setting it ablaze. She was laughing up until the fire started catching other parts of her wooden house. Then she had a third mission: find a new place to stay.

Who is this crazed primate? Why is this simian not sane? And what does she have against Frosty?

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