Hunger, Insinct, and blind devotion to his master, Dr. Kiln.

These are the things that keep Lockjaw licking and ticking.

Dr Kiln Lockajw from a dog fighting arena and kept him as his own pet. From that moment on, Lockjaw and Kiln were inseperable. Kiln used Lockjaw to do everything for him, from interrogations to assassinations, and Lockjaw couldn't be happy. He was always loyal to his master, as any dog is. Later he turned him into clay to help fight the claymodo island wars. However, it didn't go the way it was planned and Kiln's side ran off of the island like no one's business. While the villains were running and panic set the group, Lockjaw was seperated from Kiln. First Lockjaw was frantic, but then a thought entered his head: "Kiln's comfy and cozy lab has weakened my insincts!" Lockjaw growled. "That's why we lost!" So lockjaw began training himself in the woods. Time passed, and Lockjaw believed he didn't need Kiln anymore. But then he heard:

"Oh, Lockjaaaaaaaaaw. You're master has retuuuuuurned."

Hearing Kiln's voice, Lockjaw immediatley forgot about not needing Dr. Kiln and living on his own and lept into the Doctor's arms, slobbering away. Now Kiln has given the crazy canine a mission: Find experiment subjects. With this mission, Lockjaw ran into the world, unaware about the evil things he's doing, but to please his master. Will Lockjaw find out that his master is more than just the treat man?

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