"I-I don't know which to pick!" Kung Pow yelled in desperation. After the Claymodo Island wars, Kung Pow felt he needed another hobby to forget the woes of fighting a clown with living balloon animals (It's scarier than it sounds), so he picked up selling cars. He knew them all, from metsubishi, to Honda, to Toyota. He would sometimes quit a job selling cars to sell cars for another company. Of course, this new hobby of his didn't mean he stopped cooking and martial arts. The only problem is that he can't help the three from running together. Once he tried to make stew with nunchuks and a muffler, then later botched a car deal because he insisted that the guy buy the black car instead of the red one because black is higher, and then he tried to sell some ramien for the same price you'd buy a car. The last straw was during a martial arts sparring match where Kung Pow ran outside and came back (through the wall) Trying to flatten his poor opponent with a large subaru jeep. He didn't end up murdering the guy, but the hole was REALLY hard to fix. Kung Pow has finally decided to stop doing two things and only stick with one thing, hoping that will stop his dilemma. Problem is, he has no idea what to go with. "There's onry one sorution to this!" Kung Pow proclaimed. "Crimb the highest mountain and talk to genius!" Unfortunately for him, mountains are really high, and Kung Pow couldn't get up. "Ah! Who need mountain genuis!" Kung Pow yelled in frustration. "I seek peopre around the world for answer!" And so, Kung Pow starts his journey around the world to get advice on what his life's calling should truly be.

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