"This is ridiculous!" The pumpkinhead spectre bellowed as he watched his black and white horror movie collection. "I'm TEN times the monster these jokes are, and yet they get something I've wanted for years!" He reached for the DVD remote, but in his frustration, ended up grabbed the remote to the regular TV instead. "Swamp thing, Frankenstein, the mummy, Dracula!" He howled while blindly mashing the button he believed would make the offensive program stop. "They all find them! They all carry them off! The monsters aren't scary! They're just lucky!" After Ickybod Clay realized he was going to war with the wrong remote, he threw it against the wall and turned off the DVD. The frustrated ghoul slumped in his chair, his ghastly hands curled up into fists. More furious than a young kid who got an apple from trick or treating, Icky finally barks what had been making him so angry.


Icky rubbed his pumpkin head with his sheet clad hands and took a shot of his couch potato souls. He sighed to himself as he put the shot glass onto the desk. "I have more talent in my pumkin seeds than any of those boring creeps!" He proclaimed, but he knew it wasn't true. all the best monsters have had a girl in their arms. Depressed, Icky backhanded the shot glass off of the table and started gulping down the bottle. Then the news came on.

"Attention! A clay meteor is about to plummet to earth!"

Then suddenly, an idea hit Icky like an egg splatting against a house. he spit out the couch potato souls he had been guzzling and yelled, "THAT'S IT!" without skipping a beat. "There are girls for me to abduct," The spectre continued. "I'm just not looking in the right places!" Icky swooped over to the television like a roll of toliet paper being thrown on a leaf-less tree. "This big ball of mud is huge!" The ghoul cackled to himself. "Plenty of damsels practically waiting for me to grab 'em up!" And so, with his confidence restored and his demented mind intrigued, Ickybod Clay soars into the sky. " And once I snatch one of those girls," Icky cheered, "I will finally be the scariest creature of all time!"

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