When the clay meteor struck the earth, Everyone in Africa became insane, chicken weilding, voodoo enthusiast. And who to be leader of the pack than the craziest chicken wielder of them all: Happy Harry Houngan. After losing the claymodo island war, the voodoo priest didn't know what to do with himself. He finally found a purpose, to lead these claymated africans. He has a wife and even a son. However, his son is abnormal. He has the worst disease of them all, worse than malaria, worse than any birth defect and even worse than the dreaded rhinosoraus-horn-to-left-eyeball. For Happy Harry Jr. Houngan is sane. "How can dis be?" Houngan sobbed. "Where did I go wrong, Chicken God!?" To find out what he could do to stop his son's sanity, he prayed to his voodoo god. His god gave him a list of things to make a brew that would cure anybody's insanity. With this list in his right hand, a bone in his left, and a dead chicken between his teeth, Happy Harry Houngan goes around the world, searching for all the items needed to cure his son's disgusting ailment. "I'm going to help you junior," Houngan declared. "and anybody who gets in my way can kiss my pecker!"

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