After years of absence, Blue Suede Goo finally returns after disappearing at the end of the KOTC (King of the circus) tournament. His returning performance was met with acclaim from audiences and critics alike. He joined a travelling circus, just like old times. His popularity evolved from coming to the center ring and singing a four minute song, to an hour long act. While the crowds loved him, he felt that impersonating elvis wasn't fun anymore. "There are so many stars nowadays," The deadringer for elvis said as he looked through a collection of CDs and DVDs. "Missing two decades would do that to ya, I guess." The impersonater of rock thought for a minute. Who to impersonate? Maybe someone from the music industry, or maybe a movie star to change things up. Maybe someone from the states, or a foreign country! Blue Suede Goo parted with the traveling circus, promising a fresh new act. Who will he choose, and how did he disappear anyhow?

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