Once Sumo Santa was defeated, Bad Mr. Frosty regained control of the North pole. Thanks to the coaxing of the other good clayfighters from the claymodo island war, he became a more benevolent ruler. He taught some of the creatures his ice breath attack so that they could restore melted ice. But as the days went by, he was hitting the Egg nog more and more, and later lost his ability to control his temper. At one point building igloos for the penguins to showing up at meetings drunk as a skunk cursing off other politicians. The people of the north pole tolerated this, but it had gone on for too long and they had finally decided to impeach the drunkard snowman they were once proud to call a leader. The impeachment hit Frosty hard, so hard in fact, that he decided to go see a therapist about his anger issues. "I don't know what's so great about doing good things," Frosty admitted to the therapist, "I mean, I know that your not supposed to do whatever you want all the time, but there just doesn't seem to be any point since..." Then suddenly, Frosty got an epiphany. Sumo Santa and all the other foes had served for an outlet for the icy giant's anger, and with them gone, he takes his fury out on his followers. Frosty thanked the therapist for his help, and ran out the door before the therapist could bring up paying him. His plan was to find a different outlet and his choice was the crime of the world. Tomfoolery in the world went up when everyone was turned into wacky clay charicatures, and Frosty knew he had plenty of fights to get his anger out. Now a part of interpol, Frosty travels the world riding his trusty polar bear and a baby polar bear to calm him down if he gets mad. "Finally!" Frosty proclaimed, "My old friend violence! How I've missed you!"

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