"More power! MORE POWER!"

Dr. Kiln's screams echoed through the lab while his loyal servant lockjaw cranked the lever. The mad doctor was bouncing with delight like a kid at a candy store. Just the other day the faithful Lockjaw had uncovered a dinosaur skeleton during his usual digging routines. The second the mad doctor saw this, he ordered Lockjaw to bring it up his new battleship. Kiln couldn't bring it back to what it was like when it was originally alive, but he could do the next best thing; turn it into living clay. The thought of seeing a T-rex gobbling up that wretched Taffy, or an allosaurus stomping the Blob made him do cartwheels around the lab. Not only this, but he brainwashed the mind of the dinosaur instead of having him run amok like Libby. "NOW IT'S TIME!" Kiln squeeled in anticipation, "FLIP THE SWITCH!"

"Alright, geez," High Five mumbled as he turned off the machine, "Keep your gloves on." Once the electrisity turned off, clay began to wrap around the bones of the dinosaur. Muscles, nerves, organs, then came the scaly skin and eyes. But once the transformation is done, Kiln was anything but jovial. In fact, he was underwhelmed.

"Hellos and hi's, guys," the puny herbivore spoke. "Am I gonna get to kick those goody goods in their rear ends?"

Despite his lame creation, he gave him the same tasks as he gave all his other minions: Find specimens to experiments on, crush the guys that defeated him the claymodo island war, and try to re-recruit the villains on his team.

Scrubasaurus is a sub boss that, when he appears, tells the player he did a bad job. He only appears if you've used five or over continues, and once you beat him, you don't get a boss or ending. He's a parasorolophus that plays like Dan Hibiki and tries to be tough.

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