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Thunder's mugshot.

is the evil counterpart of Kangoo. She only appears in C2:Judgement Clay. Unlike her rival, she loves hurting people.


  • Double Hit: → ↘ ↓ ↙ ← + K
  • Dashing Uppercut: ↙ ↘ + K
  • Dashing Kihvftgfdyjhgfyjhgddchoknfesxvj
  • Avoid: ↓ ↙ ← + K


After becoming grand master of Mudville, Thunder ruled the land with an iron paw. Anyone who was caught disobeying her laws would have to spend three months in her pouch with a stale shellfish.

Win quotesEdit

  • "Feel the thunder!"
  • "You bore me."
Characters in C2: Judgement Clay

starting: Bad Mr. Frosty - Blob - Googoo - Hoppy - Kangoo - Nanaman - Octohead - Tiny

Bosses: Butch - Dr. Peelgood - Ice - Jack - Sarge - Slyck - Spike - Thunder

Cancelled: Lucy The Gorilla

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