2-Fisted ChargeAir RaidAir Tackle
Anti air headbuttAquadomeArcing Medicine Ball
Arcing snowballArmpit of doomBackfist Whip
BackflipBackwash BayBad Mr. Frosty
Balloon animalBelly LauncherBig Stink
Big arm sideswipeBig topBlob
Blob's WorldBlue Suede GooBonker
BossBottle throwBreakdance spin
Bungle JungleButchBuzzsaw
C2: Judgement ClayCamp ClaynaveralCamp Claytastrophe
Candy FactoryCannon shotCartwheel
Character Page TemplateCharacters: C2 Judgement ClayChickenball
ClayFighterClayFighter: Call of PuttyClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut
ClayFighter: Tournament EditionClayFighter (series)ClayFighter 63⅓
ClayFighter 63⅓/galleryClayFighter WikiClay Loogie
Clay keepClay stompClayfighter (2023)
Clayfighter 63 1/3: PrototypeClaynavarel HangerClayribbean Cruise
ClaytalityClown DiveColiseum
Collar throwCrossoversCruising pie
Cut in halfDart diveDashing Punch (Kangoo)
Dashing punchDefibrillator DanceDirty upper
Dog RushDoggie copterDoghouse
Dr. KilnDr. PeelgoodEarthwom Jim
Earthworm's elbowEarthworm JimEcto ball
Ecto punchEgg Foo YoungFangs of Fear
Fart SlideFerris wheelFiery Furnace
Five finger discountFlipping kickFlying kick
Fort FrostyFreezing FortressFrosty's Workshop
Frozen FistFun houseGhastly Graveyard
Glasses of heatGoogooGrotto Gulch
Hair bladeHair sliceHand Spin
Happy Harry's HutHaunted MansionHelga
High FiveHobo CopHoppy
Horde-O-FifisHounganHumming attack
Hunk o' hunk o' Burning clayIceIce breath
Ice pickIckybod ClayInflation ball
InterplayJackJack Attack
KangooKiller climbKiln's Hideout
Kiln's LabratoryKnuckle sandwichKooky Courtyard
Kringle KrushKung PowLady Liberty
Laser ShotLittle buddyLockjaw Pooch
Lucy the GorillaMedicine BallMega blaster
Merry-go-clownMount MushmoreMudville
Mudville GardensMudville MansionN.Boss' Residence
N. BossNana SliceNanaman
Octo punchOcto spinOctohead
OozevilleOutback UppercutOuthouse
ParryPeace outPie throw
Police BrutalityPropeller PushRabbit punch
Refuge RoomResearch roomRising Bite
Rocket anvilRubbage ReefSanta's Toy Factory
Santa's WorkshopSargeShoulder ram
Sliding headbuttSliding tripSlyck
Snow BlowerSnow slideSnowball
Somersault HeadbuttSong of PainSpike
Spinning carrotSpooky SpireSquashed
Sumo SantaTaffyTaffy Tornado
Taffy factoryTeleportThe Announcer
The CribThunderTiny
Total AirTribal TowerTriple Fist
Tumbling wormTureen toiletTwirly bird
Under de ClayUntitled ClayFighter 2016 GameValkyrie's ride
Viking ramViking stageVoodoo walk
Whirlwind punchYodelZappa Yow Yow boys

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