Googoo is a large baby from C2: Judgement Clay. As a very ghetto guy, he plays pool and chills with the ladies. His evil counterpart is Spike. His stage is The Crib.


Goo Goo's first words were censored. So were almost all the rest of his words. Nobody knows where his foul mouth came from, but there's a strong belief it had something to do with spending most of his free time(well all of it) at the local pool hall.

Besides shooting a mean game of pool, Goo Goo loves milk and women, not necessarily in that order. Just ask his ex pre-school teacher. She didn't want to expel him, but what would you do if a toddler kept inviting you back to is playpen for a nightcap?

Quotes when he beats youEdit

  • "Do you want your blankie?"
  • "This is my crib. Get out!"


As grand master of mudville, Googoo provided public nap centers for all mudvillians. The well rested public were soon much friendlier, and mudville soon became a much happier place. It also became a much noisier place due to the sharp rise in public snoring.


  • Rambutt: Half Stick Foward, Kick
  • Bottle throw: Crouch Foward, Punch
  • Diaper uppercut: Foward, Down, Foward Punch


Clayfighter 2 Judgment Clay Music Under De Clay And The Crib (Octohead Goo Goo's Theme)03:03

Clayfighter 2 Judgment Clay Music Under De Clay And The Crib (Octohead Goo Goo's Theme)

video by MusikFievel

Characters in C2: Judgement Clay

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