This a stage from ClayFighter 63⅓ where it was known as the Rubbage Room.The Doghouse is located in the Rubbage Reef and in ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut were it was titled The Doghouse. It is essentially Lockjaw's pad located in the Rubbage Reef which is just as covered in junk as the rest of the place. With a broken tv set, a dirty old couch and the very dim lights on the ceiling, Lockjaw still seems happy with this mess. What's very strange is that the inside of Houngan's hut looks exactly like this place, if you crush someone through the floor you'll still end up in Grotto Gulch.

  • It's possible that this place was originally going to be Lockjaw's homestage while the Rubbage Reef was to be Hobocop's.