Clayfighter63-third betaoptions

Beta secret options.

This is a prototype or beta version of Clayfighter 63 1/3 that was leaked on to the internet some time ago. Its pretty much the same game except with a few subtle differences.

General Differences

-T-Hoppy's home stage was in the Claynaveral Hanger unlike he full game where it was the Camp Claynaveral.

-At the character select screen, you have 20 seconds to choose your fighter rather then just 15 like in the full game.

-Bonker and Taffy's alternate colors are different then in the full game, there's were green and blue rather then the red and pink colors in the final game.

Unused Options

The secret options menu has a couple of options that aren't present in the final game.

-The Game Speed which toggles between "Normal", "Whoa" and "Are you nuts?".

-Frosty is a Hosehead which can be toggled on and off but doesn't appear to do anything, and whatever it was intended to do seems to have been removed.

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