Clay keep

Kangoo fighting Tiny.

The Clay keep is a stage used by Tiny in C2: Judgement Clay. It is also used by Butch. There are poles with faces on them and a deer head that moves. Nothing having to do with him being a wrestler, though, it could be a royal restling ring or medival wrestling ring. The heads on the poles resemble Baleog and Erik from another Interplay game The lost vikings. The clock in this stage is some sort of shield or dial. It's said that this stage was originally going to belong to Ickybod Clay, which could explain alot, for being spooky with the heads that move...spooky!


Clayfighter 2 Judgment Clay Music Clay Keep (Tiny's Theme)03:03

Clayfighter 2 Judgment Clay Music Clay Keep (Tiny's Theme)

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