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C-2: Judgement Clay, more often known as ClayFighter 2, is the sequel to the original ClayFighter for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis. This game was only released on Super Nintendo, however, in 1994.


In the town of Mudville, the clay meteor crashed in ClayFighter. Learning of the spectacle that took place in "Playland", the evil Dr. Kiln flies in on his aircraft containing the residue he collected from the meteor and spreads it to the rest of Mudville in order to create more fighters. He declares himself grand master of Mudville after the fall of N. Boss, the ending boss of the original ClayFighter. He holds the C-2 tournament to see who can become next grandmaster of Mudville.

Were' Back!Edit

Dateline Mudville: July 15th, 1994.

Authorities have now confirmed the mysterious purple clay meteor that recently wreaked havoc through the land is once again active. Clay emissions from the meteor have been spreading through Mudville at an alarming rate, leaving the land flooded in a sea of rising clay. One eye witness described the spreading clay as a "gigantic blanket of bubbling goo covering the...." Unfortunately the witness was not able to finish before being engulfed by a gushing mass of clay.

It is believed that moments before the second claytastrophie began, an alien spacecraft in the shape of a prune Danish landed approximately one quarter of a mile away from the meteor. Witnesses described a strange man with a big head, large buggy eyes wearing a lab coat with the inscription "Extremely Mad Scientist, Dr. Kiln", jumping out of the craft. According to one startled citizen, Dr. Kiln pressed his nose, and out of both nostrils shot a big honking loogey, it was large and green and struck the central portion of the meteor. The meteor instantly pulsed with a strange green glow and begun spewing forth the dreaded clay emissions. Then Dr. Kiln shouted at the top of his lungs - "I am now and will remain supreme ruler of all Mudville, N. Boss is no more... And just try and stop me."

The most recent reports indicate that an array of formidable warriors has risen from the spreading sea of clay, apparently to meet Dr. Kiln's challenge and vie for supreme leader themselves. These clay fighters are believed and fiercer than those that rocked Mudville during the last claytastrophie. Who of these new warriors will finally triumph and rule the land? Hoppy, a rowdy bunny? Buff and Bad Mr. Frosty? Maybe It will be Blob, Goo Goo, Nana Man, Octo, Kangoo, or last year's champion Tiny. It all depends on you. Are you ready? From the C2: Judgment Clay Manual.


The gameplay has changed from the first Clayfighter by quite a bit. For starters, the sprites are smaller and the characters move faster. However, the controls feel a little stiff and for some reason they took out throwing. There are also five new characters.


Characters and their evil twinsEdit

Starting Bosses
Bad Mr. Frosty Ice
Tiny Butch
Blob Slyck
Nanaman Dr. Peelgood
Octohead Jack
Googoo Spike
Hoppy Sarge
Kangoo Thunder

Beta elementsEdit

Cheat CodesEdit

These are all done in the main menu.

  • Play as Ice

Hold B and press Up, L, L, L, and R.

  • Play as Slyck

Hold Y and press L, L, Up, L, L and R.

  • Play as Butch

Hold L and press R, A, X, R and R.

  • Play as Dr. Peelgood

Hold D/L and B, Y, Y, A, and Y.

  • Play as Jack

Hold Up and press A, A, R, R, Y and A.

  • Play as Spike

Hold R and press X, B, B, A, Y, L and A.

  • Play as Sarge

Hold X and press L, L, U, D, l and D.

  • Play as Thunder

Hold Up/L and press Y, B, X, B, B, X and A.

  • Unlock all Clones

Hold X + L and press Up, up, Select, Up, Up and Right.


  • None of the new characters introduced had any appearance in the other games, except for Hoppy.
  • Claytalities were considered to be in the game.[1]
  • A version of C2: Judgment Clay for the Sega32X was originally going to be released around the same time as the Snes version but was cancelled for unknown reasons.


Clayfighter 2 Judgment Clay Music Ending Theme01:35

Clayfighter 2 Judgment Clay Music Ending Theme

video by MusikFievel


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