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Bad Mr. Frosty

Bad Mr Frosty's appearance in 63 1/3 and Sculptor's cut.
First appearance ClayFighter
Latest appearance ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut
Home stage Fort Frosty, Frosty's Workshop, Freezing Fortress
Affiliation Bad (first game)

Good (the two other games)

Likes Snow, Pizza and Winter
Dislikes Fire and Sumo Santa
Wants Winter
Motto "Chill"
Catchphrase "Call me daddy!"
Bad Mr. Frosty is a snowman with an attitude! He is one of the two characters to appear in all the ClayFighter games to date, and has also appeared on all the box art for every game in the series. Bad Mr. Frosty is a grouchy snowman who rules the North Pole, though he occasionally helps the good guys. He has snow/ice based attacks, including throwing snowballs, creating sharp icicles, and sliding across the ground. He's typically seen wearing a blue top hat, though in C2: Judgement Clay, he wears a baseball cap backwards. He appears to be a parody of Frosty the Snowman. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.
1702603-bad mr frosty super

Bad Mr.Frosty


Bad Mr. Frosty was part of the original line-up in the first ClayFighter. His special attacks include throwing snowballs, spitting sharp balls of ice, sliding along the ground and kicking his opponent, and turning into a snow boulder and rolling into his opponent. In the 1-player mode, he is fought once, on an icy lake in front of an ice block castle with penguin spectators. When he wins, he spins his head around on his finger like a basketball. He had the most moves out of anyone in the first game.

ClayFighter: Tournament EditionEdit

In the SNES exclusive update to the first installment of the ClayFighter series, Frosty's Big arm sideswipe had a shorter range (probably done to balance out the large amount of damage it does). His stage was changed a little, but not that much.

C2: Judgement ClayEdit

Sporting a new look this time around, Bad Mr. Frosty's attitude is slightly lighter after being released from prison after attacking Santa. He wears a baseball cap instead of his top hat. he seems to have gotten better at kicking, since all three kick buttons have different animations. They took out a lot of his special moves, and added a new anti air attack. His arena is the North Pole and his evil twin in this game is Ice.
Bad Mr Frosty C2

BMF in C2.

Quotes when he beats youEdit

  • "Hope you like my present."
  • "Aww, did you get some snow on you?"

ClayFighter 63⅓Edit

In his 3rd appearance, Frosty got his top hat back and now looks more menacing. Aside from stopping Dr. Kiln's plans, he is also shown to have a rivalry with Sumo Santa, as for he is fighting against him for control of the North Pole (and Santa never got him his rocking horse when he was 10, as mentioned in Sculptor's Cut). He attacks by turning his hand into a pick, turning into a snowball, and kicking.


  • "Ice smash!"
  • "Don't need this disguise anymore!"
  • "Ice pick!"
  • "Get 'em little buddy!"
  • "Doggone it Jim"
  • "Ice to know you"

Quotes said if you lose to him in Sculptor's cut:

  • I've stopped you cold!
  • I'll put the deep freeze on you.
  • You're snow match for me.
  • You haven't got enough cool to stop me!


Clayfighter Tournament Edition (Guide Book)Edit

Once a mild mannered snowman, this devious spawn of winter lives for the icy cold of the far north. The good manners of snowmen no longer mean anything to Bad Mr. Frosty. He believes in the cold of winter and little else.

He lives to see an eternal winter, where the snow never melts; and enjoys sharing his keen weather sense with all those around him.

C2: Judgment ClayEdit

Bad Mr. Frosty just finished doing a long stretch on a maximum security iceberg for his assault on a Mr. Clauz. The experience didn't put a song in his heart. In fact, it turned him into the coldest, meanest thing on two frozen feet. Now he's taking it out on the world.... OK, the greater metropolitan area of Mudville.

Once a mild mannered snowman, this devious spawn of winter lives for the icy cold of the far north. The good manners of snowmen no longer mean anything to Bad Mr. Frosty. Just get in his way and he'll knock you over. He believes in the cold of winter and little else.

Clayfighter 63 1/3Edit

After the plane wreck, which landed him on the isle, Bad Mr. frosty is trying to change his ways. He was once a frozen hearted menace.

He soon finds out that Sumo Santa is lurking around Klaymodo isle, Frosty knows Sumo is never up to any good, it is up to Frosty to find Sumo and stop him.

Little does Frosty know there is a much bigger threat and his name is Dr. Kiln!

Clayfighter Sculptor's CutEdit

Bad Mr. Frosty...The one-time cold-hearted head hooligan of the frozen north, has since sought out therapy to help chill out his hot-headedness.

He has even traded in his rebellious backwards baseball cap for his familiar top hat.

With his personality now benevolent, he strives to fight against the evils of the very claydom he once belonged to.

He's snow ordinary dude.



As Bad Mr Frosty became king of the circus, he moved the big top to his beloved home: the north pole. The attractions forced a certain overweight toymaker and his reindeer out of a job. Kids now look forward to christmas from Bad Mr. Frosty. The end.

C2: Judgement ClayEdit

As grand master of mudville, Bad Mr Frosty became head of gift wrapping for the firm of S. Claus and co., Muddville division. Unfortunatley, his gifts usually recuired a minimum of twenty days days to thaw out.

Clayfighter 63 1/3Edit

With the defeat of Sumo Santa, Dr. Kiln and the chaos of Klaymodo Island behind him, Mr frosty must now return to the North pole to finish what he started.

His will is strong. Only time will tell what his ultimate fate will be and what adventures Frosty will have next!

ClayFighter: Sculptor's CutEdit

Boss dialogue

Bad Mr Frosty: You elves can't defend you now, buster.

Sumo Santa: I don't need them to take care of a slushie like you.

Bad Mr Frosty: We both can't be Snow kings, tubby. There can be only one.

Sumo Santa: I hope you don't ruin my carpet when I melt you.

Bad Mr Frosty is happy that he was able to help the good guys win and conquer the forces of evil for which he once fought.

Unaccustomed to the tropical climate of Claymodo, Frosty can once again return to his icy home and relax in his snowy haven.

Don't get too comfortable, though, Frosty!

Evil is always just around the corner.



  • Down, forward kick: slide

C2: Judgement clayEdit

  • Ice breath-HCB+P
  • Snowball-Charge back, Forward and punch
  • Rising ice-Charge down, up and punch

ClayFighter 63 1/3/Sculptor's CutEdit

Special MovesEdit

Super MovesEdit

  • Frozen Frenzy: QCB, HCF + K
  • Snow Plow: HCB, F + K
  • Hurricane Flurry: QCF, QCF + K


  • Snowcone Squeeze: B, D, D, F, L (Close)
  • Torso Kick: F, D, B, B (Close)
  • Ice Smash: D, B,D, B (Close)
  • Hat Trick: [R,B,D,D,F]or[Hold R,D,D,F) (Close)
  • Kick Off Island: D, D, R+L (Close)

Trivia Edit

  • In an issue of Nintendo Power covering 63 1/3, it was shown that Frosty originally had a special where he throws a large snowball at his opponent, that move was taken out for unknown reasons.


Clayfighter 63 ⅓Edit

Clay Fighter 63 1 3 Bad Mr05:10

Clay Fighter 63 1 3 Bad Mr.Frosty Playthrough Part 1

Playthrough by vidfreak727.

Clay Fighter 63 1 3- Bad Mr07:27

Clay Fighter 63 1 3- Bad Mr.Frosty Playthrough Part 2

Playthrough by vidfreak727.

Clayfighter 63 1 3..03:16

Clayfighter 63 1 3... Bad Mr Frosty

Claytality exhibition by hand0ftime.

ClayFighter: Sculptor's CutEdit

Playthrough courtesy of Wiiguy07.

Clayfighter Sculptor's Cut Bad Mr Frosty Run (1 2)10:21

Clayfighter Sculptor's Cut Bad Mr Frosty Run (1 2)

Clayfighter Sculptor's Cut Bad Mr07:28

Clayfighter Sculptor's Cut Bad Mr. Frosty Run (2 2)


C2: Judgement ClayEdit

Clayfighter 2 Judgment Clay Music Frosty's Workshop (Frosty's Theme)03:03

Clayfighter 2 Judgment Clay Music Frosty's Workshop (Frosty's Theme)

Video belongs to Musikfievel.

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